Rob Darden

Rob Darden

Date of Birth:

February 21, 1981


Sponsors: Premium Products, Rockstar, Osiris, Arnette, , Carhartt, Skullcandy, Ogio, CTi2

Tunes: Classic rock

Favorite Movies: Don't really have a favorite, but I love going to the movies.

Inspirations: Lily Ann Darden, my new baby girl.

Favorite place to travel: Australia

Quote: Grip it and rip it

Finish these sentences

The first time I... ever flew across the country to the east coast, It took me two day's to get there. It was the worst flying experience I have ever had to this day.

The last time I... went fishing, I caught a fish first cast.

When I go on a trip I... always have my iphone with me.

The thing that gets me most stoked on is... spending time with family and friends.