Willy Santos

Willy Santos

Date of Birth:

October 1, 1975


Sponsors: Birdhouse Skateboards, Orion Trucks, Satori Wheels, Upful Hardware, Ironhorse Griptape, Arnette, Willy's Workshop

Tunes: Beatles

Favorite Movies: Goonies

Inspirations: My son

Favorite place to travel: Australia, China, Japan, Europe & Philippines

Finish these sentences

The first time I... learned early grab 360 airs off a jump ramp, I was the happiest little kid.

The last time I... watched people skate the mega ramp at Woodward West, I was scared after seeing 2 of the gnarliest slams ever on a skateboard.

When I go on a trip I... miss my family.

The thing that gets me most stoked is... skateboarding with my son.