Mason Ho

Mason Ho

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Q and A

Q: What's the wildest thing you have ever done?
A: Way beyond too many wild things. Explain? the latest was in brazil 2 weeks ago... Very long story short, i cut my head/ear open in my heat then made it.. then got stitches.. the doctors said i wasn't gonna make my flight that day but i bolted out.. after that my rental car auto locked my keys in it so i broke the window with a brick.. then i drove 2 1/2 hours on some brazil highways i didn't know with my Arnette blowout glasses completely sideways because my huge ear and bandaid and glass was flying every where.. i was SUPER late and didn't know where to drop off the rental car so i left it at the curb with the keys on the floor... then i was the last 1 on the plane and to top off the whole ordeal i ended up renewing my MILE HIGH CLUB membership with a huge head Bandaid on. thanks to the Miami-lax route

Q: What was your most embarrassing moment? A: i try not to get embarrassed but i remember in Australia for the world jr pro in 2009 i think.. i surfed the expression session butt naked. i got 2nd.. i told my self im gonna walk all the way up the beach butt naked in front of all these people. then when i got to the beach i walked half way up but there was so many people and the water was extra cold soo... haha... embarrassment.. but i still got 2 chicks that night.. I LOVE AUSTRALIA!

Q: What would your friends say your best/worst qualities are?
A: Best quality's they would say is i'm not afraid to go get what i want and i take good care of anybody im with. Worst quality's would be im not afraid to relax...but i think thats' why i'm always happy.. another bad quality i have is im too nice to my sister and her friends.. hah

Q: If you could have any super power what would it be?
A: if i could have a super power it would for sure be to fly.. i try to fly every day and i wouldn't have to board another plane.... or read minds so i can pull every hot chick on the planet and i'm sure it would help me win more contest.

Q: If you could be any cartoon charter who would it be and why?
A: Probably peter griffen on family guy. he is always rousting everybody and making me laugh because he is not so bright... he actually has it goin on because he lives like that and still gets to pump Lois griffen all tha time. i bet if he surfed he'd RIP!

Q: If you were not an athlete what would you be?
A: if i was not an athlete i would like to be a detective or a writer... or i would be James Bond 007 or Scarface. more likely Bond though because he saves the world and hooks up with at least 3 chicks every movie.

Q: Who is your favorite movie character of all time?
A: i have way too much. James Bond, Clint Eastwood in everything, Stifler from American Pie, Al Pacino in Scarface and Godfather, Bruce Lee in all his movies, any mafia guy in any mafia movie and any gangster in any gangster movie... then i almost wouldn't mind being one of those donkeys that pull those mega hotties in those shittty love flicks...

Q: What was the first car you owned and how did you get it?
A: i had to get my first car early because i got kicked off the school bus for life.. i would catch the bus to school everyday then my friends went nuts on it 1 day and got all of us kicked off.. school was a HUGE priority to me so i knew i had to be the 1st to school everyday some how. so i asked all my teachers if they had a car i could buy.. finally 1 of them sold a nissan truck to me for 3 grand cash.. i just ran across the street and grabbed the money out of the bank... i was only 14 so it was fun peeling out all over that narc school.. my dad was pissed when i came home with a truck. he made me take my sister to school and back every day.. she would rat me out when i was driving bad.