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  1. Scott Denny

    I’ve always worn Oakleys, but decided it was time for something fresh. Decided on some R/X Witch Doctors in fuzzy black and aloha today. They felt nice. When I get them in from the eye doctor and I run them through their paces you may have a new life time customer.

  2. Ty Giebel

    For the 4th year in a row we are holding the Colorado Rally Championship. The last three years we have had roughly 30 competitors compete in over 5 different classes. As the series has progressed we have narrowed the classes to 3, our most popular class is a 10th scale 4wd open car class, this is our premiere class which is very open to all cars that use a wheelbase around 257mm and a 190mm or 200mm width. The other classes are 2wd 10th scale car and a 12th to 18th scale car. We keep the classes somewhat open and structure the rules around scale appearance and having fun. We race on backyard tracks that are spread all over the Denver area. Tracks consist of tight corners and varying types of weather conditions. And for the first time we are expanding the number of events from 6 to 10 events for the season. This means more racing and more promotion for our series sponsors.

    Many of our drivers come from RC rock crawling and still support crawling competitions that operate on different weekends from the CRC series. With our close ties to crawling, rally is a great new venue to promote scale and crawling products.

    Right now we are looking for sponsors for the 2015 CRC series. In the previous seasons we gave away sponsor “swag” at every event and ended the season with a massive giveaway where everyone walks away with something from our great sponsors.

    Some statistics:
    CRC facebook page 185 members
    CRC 2014 thread on 7,707 views
    CRC 2013 thread on 14,008 views
    CRC 2012 thread on 18,810 views
    Colorado Rally thread on 42,831 views
    CRC thread (rally section) 2,976 views
    Most popular Youtube video 145,123 views
    (New videos at every event with sponsor banner at beginning of video)

    All threads, photos, etc. are kept in the threads so promotion is kept as long as the photos are live.

    We also distribute flyers that list all sponsors for the series with links to the threads. We even had the potential of threads being started on multiple websites, including full size car sites and additional Radio Control websites.

    On top of this we are planning to include rally racing with the Scale Nationals event that is coming up in Spring 2015. So promotion and sponsorship could potentially continue to this event as well.

    We are looking for support for this series, whether it is through a gift card or product, every little bit helps keep this series the biggest RC rally series in the United States.

    If there are any additional questions please let me know.

    -Ty Giebel

  3. Kristofer

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