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WitchDoctor_AN4177-01_447_6Q_cWitchDoctor_AN4177-03_2087_83_cWitchDoctor_AN4177-05_2158_55_cWitchDoctor_AN4177_2159_87_cWitchDoctor_AN4177-07_2162_81_cWitchDoctor_AN4177-11_2227_87_cWitchDoctor_AN4177-13_2204_3R_cWitchDoctor_AN4177_2225_55_c (1)WitchDoctor_AN4177_2229_81_cWitchDoctor_AN4177_2230_6Q_cWitchdoctor_AN4177_2253_6G_c_2100x1050_300_CMYK

Witch Doctor

A giver of sage advice, the Witch Doctor may be in his own world, but his wisdom and magic can set you on the path to greatness. Arnette’s Witch Doctor frames are no different. The Witch Doctor’s large lenses are housed in classic, squared-off frame that comes in a color palate that is truly otherworldly.

Fuzzy Black/Orange – Red Mirror AN4177-01
Havana/Fuzzy Black – Polarized AN4177-03
Gloss Clear/Black – Blue Mirror AN4177-05
Gloss Black/Clear AN4177-06
Gloss Black/Fuzzy Inked Aqua – Polarized AN4177-07
Fuzzy Black/Aloha AN4177-11
Gloss Black/Green – Citrus Chrome AN4177-13
Gloss Black/Gummy Blueberry – Blue Mirror AN4177-14
Matte Black/Green – Polarized AN4177-16
Gloss Black/Orange – Red Mirror AN4177-17
Fuzzy Black Fade AN4177-18
Black with Up In Smoke graphic inside – Polarized Grey AN4177-24
Fuzzy Black with Mixtape graphic inside – Grey AN4177-25
Gloss Black/Red – Grey AN4177-26 2308/87

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