Blessed by the gods of sound control, the Fader is a feature-packed medium-sized frame. It features a sleek angular design and is available in several rich color and size options. 51mm frames come with an 18mm bridge and 140mm stems, while the 53mm option offers an 18mm bridge and 145mm stems.

Color Size (mm) Order No.
Matte Black 51 AN7056-0151
Matte Black 53 AN7056-0153
Dark Havana 51 AN7056-0251
Dark Havana 53 AN7056-0253
Grey Havana 51 AN7056-0351
Grey Havana 53 AN7056-0353
Matte Black/Red 51 AN7056-0451
Matte Black/Red 53 AN7056-0453
Black/Dark Green 51 AN7056-0551
Black/Dark Green 53 AN7056-0553

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