Packed with the type of attitude and style that define legends, the Frontman is a true pack leader. With design inspirations that spans the ages, this frame is the chosen one. 140mm stems and a 15mm bridge.

Color Size (mm) Order No.
Black 53 AN7059-0153
Black 55 AN7059-0155
Matte Black 53 AN7059-0253
Matte Black 55 AN7059-0255
Grey Havana 53 AN7059-0353
Grey Havana 55 AN7059-0355
Striped Havana 53 AN7059-0453
Striped Havana 55 AN7059-0455
Matte Dark Blue 53 AN7059-0553
Matte Dark Blue 55 AN7059-0555
Black/Yellow 53 AN7059-0653
Black/Yellow 55 AN7059-0655

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