Great minds are often behind the scenes, and the Mixer proudly takes its seat in the producer’s chair. The Mixer is a traditional and rounded frame that is truly at the helm of greatness. 51mm frames offer a 140mm stem and a 16mm bridge, while the 53mm size is fitted with a 145mm stem and 16mm bridge.

Color Size (mm) Order No.
Black 51 AN7057-0151
Black 53 AN7057-0153
Matte Black 51 AN7057-0151
Matte Black 53 AN7057-0153
Dark Havana 51 AN7058-0251
Dark Havana 53 AN7058-0253
Translucent Green 51 AN7058-0351
Translucent Green 53 AN7058-0353
Translucent Dark Blue 51 AN7058-0451
Translucent Dark Blue 53 AN7058-0453

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