Who needs the glory of the stage when you have the road to keep you company? The Roadie is a versatile frame designed for the salty few that actually run the show. All sizes feature a 17 mm bridge and a 130mm stem length.

Color Size (mm) Order No.
Blue/White – Junior 48 AN7035-0548
Blue/White 50 AN7035-0550
Black/White – Junior 48 AN7035-0348
Black/White 50 AN7035-0350
Black/Red – Junior 48 AN7035-0448
Black/Red 50 AN7035-0450
Black – Junior 48 AN7035-0748
Black 50 AN7035-0750
Blue/Transparent Azure – Junior 48 AN7035-0648
Black/Black 50 AN7035-0650

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