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Fire Drill

The Fire Drill is a modern classic and a family favorite. It features a large square frame with oversized 8-base polycarbonate lenses and slick metal logo plaques on the temples.

Gloss Black/Red – Polarized AN4143-04
Gloss Black AN4143-05
Matte Black – Blue Mirror AN4143-12
Matte Black Red – Red Mirror AN4143-13
Gloss Black – Chrome Mirror AN4143-18
Fuzzy Translucent Orange – Red Mirror AN4143-20
Gloss Black – Citrus Chrome AN4143-24
Fuzzy Black/Aloha AN4143-25
Gloss Black/Orange – Red Mirror AN4143-26
Gloss Black/Fuzzy Inked Aqua AN4143-27
Gloss Black/Gummy Blueberry – Blue Mirror AN4143-28
Gummy Lemon AN4143-29
Gummy Cherry AN4143-30
Gloss Black/Gummy Lime – Citrus Chrome AN4143-31
Gloss Black/Violet – Polarized AN4143-32
Fuzzy Black/Green – Polarized AN4143-33
Fuzzy White – Red Mirror AN4143-34
Fuzzy Clear – Red Mirror AN4143-35
Fuzzy Translucent Grey – Red Mirror AN4143-36

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