Each pair of Arnette sunglasses are meticulously designed with the highest quality materials, providing lightweight wearability for unmatched comfort and style. Our flagship A.C.E.S. (Arnette Creative Exchange System) collection allows you to swap out the arms and mix and match to change up your style. 


Every glass in our A.C.E.S collection comes with a bonus set of colored arms. Enjoy one subtle colorway and one with a little pop to it, get with your friends and start swapping for a custom look, or get crafty with that extra pair and really start turning heads.


Polarized lenses cut down on the glare from reflective surfaces, such as streets, snow, water…or the hood of a cop car. Our layered polarization means you can count on cutting down glare for the life of your glasses. View all the polarized styles.

Polycarbonate and APX lenses

The polycarbonate lenses we use easily outperform the most rigorous industry standard requirements. Its extraordinary shock-absorption qualities make it perfect for taking on the most difficult conditions and terrain.

Grilamid Frames

Ideal for our active models, Grilamid is extremely lightweight and durable. Because it is unaffected by natural temperature changes, frames made from this material maintain their shape over time, even during intense use.

The D.O.T.

Pressure is defined as the force on an object that is spread over a surface area. This means that skinny tips on the end of your sunglasses can pinch and cause discomfort over time if the fit is not just right. To help eliminate this we’ve introduced the DOT, which not only helps reduce fatigue by distributing pressure, but allows for an overall more comfortable fit for all-day wear. Every sunglass deserves a happy ending. 

The Kit

Every pair of Arnette frames comes with a molded case to carry your shades or RX eyewear (or other kind of paraphernalia that you need to carry with you on a daily basis). Also included in the kit are a sticker and an embossed micro-bag to help protect your frames. Arnette Creative Exchange System (A.C.E.S.) frames also come with an extra set of interchangeable arms and key for easy swap out.