This is skateboarders’ tribute to surfing.
Here’s to all the free spirits out there who ride those waves
day after day.



We don’t know exactly when it happened or who started it.
But we know it came from the sea.


Long live surfing and skateboarding

Fifty years after skateboarding began, our riders  Sergio Muñoz ,  Cristian Sánchez ,  Alain Goikoetxea  and  Danny Lozano  have come together to pay homage to its origins, bringing the waves to their most sacred temple: the  skatepark .
The riders surprised their friends, surfers  Indar Unanue ,  Garazi Sánchez ,  Aritz Aranburu  and  Kepa Acero  with their tribute and together they skated the waves on dry land.
All this was made possible thanks to the talent of urban artist  Rosh333  and the special cooperation of the Town Council of Sopela, Bizkaia.