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When you’re looking to get the most out of life, it’s easy to get on board with this California lifestyle. That’s why when these guys got together, all they could talk about was, “what’s next?”

Guys surf with Sandbank sunglasses

We kick off at Zuma Beach–a scenic stretch of white sand and crystal blue sea along the historic Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Here, the  Clean Spill  guys get suited, grab boards, and have their way with the waves. Satisfied with the morning session, they jump in their old Chevy Nova and head south.

Guy with Sandbank sunglasses Guys with Sandbank sunglasses
Sebo Walker

Skater/artist  Sebo Walker  makes his home where the legendary Dogtown boys invented the artform he works and plays in. With the sun on his back, Sebo paints another of his colorful skateboard designs as the Clean Spill crew pull up in the Nova with some new friends. The crew hit the alleys outside Sebo’s apartment with skater Chris Joslin and skater/filmmaker Tom Mull, who shoots the session.

Sebo Walker with eyeglasses
Lincoln Heights
Chris Joslin Skate

Off to East LA to shred the Lincoln Park Skate Plaza in Lincoln Heights. There,  Chris Joslin  attacks the park’s rails, ledges and stairs–nailing tricks like it’s nothing in the afternoon sunshine. He grew up in skateparks, and it shows. Later, Tom gets in on the action along with his brothers Dave and Steve, then it’s time to let the crew in on a family secret–their favorite place to skate in LA.

Chris Joslin Sunglasses Chris Joslin
LA River
Skater Guy with camera

With its miles of graffiti and murky water, the iconic LA river may be rough around the edges, but it’s also home to an abundance of plants, birds and fish. And  the Mull brothers  know it back to front. After jumping the massive slime gaps and risking broken limbs with an epic drop-in, the sun is sinking and it’s time to party.

Eyeglasses Lipsides
Mulls' House
Blue car

The crew assembles back at the Mulls’ house in Lincoln Heights. As the last hint of daylight fades away,  Clean Spill  deliver a rooftop set. Kids take turns hitting the backyard ramp, Dave drops in from the roof and the crowd goes wild. Hanging with friends, a D.I.Y. show and of course, more skating–the only way to end a perfect day.

Clean Spill Clean Spill Ashland
Endless rider